What is CINC?

CINC provides a full range of services in the field of real estate business automation. Therefore, the functional solution of this CRM is easily adapted to the typical business processes of a real estate agency. Whether you’re growing or already have an established team, CINC has the right-sized suite of tools for your business to scale. 

Key CINC’s features:

  • Lead Generation. Fill your database with the help of CINC’s team of experts who manage $30M+ in annual ad spend, specializing in Facebook and Google Ads. With hyper-local targeting, CINC delivers piles of highly-qualified leads right to your team.
  • Consumer Website. CRM offers a ready-made site for receiving applications and finding objects by customers and other tasks. Grow your database with a conversion-optimized IDX website provided by CINC.
  •  Automation.  This CRM system helps automate internal and external business processes. As much as possible covers the needs of a real estate company. Business automation aims to simplify the main processes associated with customer relationships as much as possible. The main task of automating the process of selling real estate is to increase the effectiveness of each manager while reducing the time spent on order processing.
  • Team management. Teams should find working together trouble-free, and by using CINC for team management, employees can do so. Get all your teams to work together on the same digital system and encourage cooperation. At the same time, let team managers give access to the right people and receive comparable metrics from different territories.
  • Seller Suite. You can increase the number of your contacts and improve the conversion of your potential customers with statistics that are automatically collected through CINC Seller Suite. Create advertising campaigns for objects and drive listing leads with home evaluation landing pages.
  • CINC AI. It is a specially designed tool based on artificial intelligence, which acts as a virtual member of the team. You will not lose any potential customers because CINC AI is 24/7 connected. CINC AI uses expert-designed scripts to build rapport and trust.
  • Integrations. To save your time, you can sync CINC with many other programs and applications. This way you can use one unified software. This CRM can be integrated with over 4,000 applications. It integrates with virtually any app via Zapier automated workflows.
  • Mobile apps. You are not tied to the office and the workplace. Access to the database of objects at any time from any device, 24 hours a day.
  • PROLINC Referral Network. PROLINC’s white-glove service takes over the logistics to ensure a seamless transfer. This tool is a network of individuals and organizations that give referrals. For real estate, the individuals can be customers, vendors, or former employees who refer your business because you have great customer service and product.

CINC has long ceased to be just "CRM" - now it is a "software package" that has functionality and capabilities an order of magnitude more than standard CRM. Close leads faster, get more time back in the day, and accelerate your business growth… all with CINC’s support.

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