What is Clari CRM?

Clari is a CRM system that helps businesses of all sizes and directions control the sales process, customer communication and profits. The company has more than 200,000 active users around the world. It is a large online platform that automatically collects information about your customers, tracks your communication with them at all stages and allows you to share this data with your team to delegate tasks and speed up their resolution.

Clari's built-in marketing and sales automation tools will save you and your team from the many routine tasks of finding leads, appointing transaction managers, communication  with potential customers, and more. 

This CRM system contains the necessary tools to analyze individual processes of your business campaigns. It provides regular multidisciplinary reports that can be shared with the team and exported to files of the required format.

This enterprise-grade platform is fully integrated, adaptable, and secure. You do not have to radically change business processes for a new ecosystem - it is enough to combine the capabilities of all your tools, and their interaction will be optimized automatically. Clari CRM integrates with many popular services, such as: GMAIL, OUTLOOK, SLACK, LINKEDIN, SALESLOFT, YESWARE, CHORUS, GOOGLE CALENDAR, INTERCOM, DRIFT, PENDO, ROLLWORKS, PFL etc.

At your disposal will be separate interface modules, fields and buttons that will help you customize the functionality of the system according to your needs.

Advantages of using Clari CRM:

  •  Data Hub: At the core of Clari’s Revenue Operations Platform is the industry’s first Time Series Data Hub, purpose-built to instrument your revenue process. It automatically snapshots, stores, corrects and analyzes all of your CRM and business activity data from all of your disparate systems.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Artificial intelligence allows you to speed up and automate repetitive processes through the use and processing of large data sets. Advanced AI uses real-time activity signals and historic behavioral patterns to deliver deal, pipeline, and forecast predictions.
  • Security: The data security of this CRM system is ensured by flexible access settings. An administrator can assign different roles to employees and manage permissions for them. This CRM meets global security standards, so it is safe to trust the customer base and other working data.
  • Configurability: Clari is flexible in settings. It provides reports and analytics features that can be customized to suit business objectives. You can customize literally everything from folder and shortcut names to sales funnel details.

Clari will help you improve yourself in areas such as:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Customer Success
  •  Revenue Operations

Clari lets you develop and monitor business campaigns at all levels, keep track of your customers, track your team's performance, and customize sales stages based on your strategy.

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