What is Claritysoft CRM?

Claritysoft CRM is a customer relationship management system constructed with a strong emphasis on usability to improve the user experience and increase adoption. Claritysoft CRM provides a single, unified platform for SMBs and large companies to manage customer contacts, accounts, and sales activities. Claritysoft CRM strives to give a smart CRM solution by incorporating scheduling, tracking, and search functions. Claritysoft CRM provides users with the tools they need to manage client interactions successfully, including the ability to quickly add contacts, notes, and activities. Claritysoft CRM allows users to quickly and easily access critical customer facts by centralizing customer information.

Claritysoft CRM allows users to import, export, and segment accounts, as well as add custom data and generate account reports, to improve user productivity. Claritysoft CRM promotes efficient activity management by allowing users to schedule activities, to-dos, and activity reminders in addition to contact management. Claritysoft CRM's online calendar allows users to create and share meeting, appointment, and event details. In addition to team activity management, Claritysoft CRM's data import, export, and tracking technology make it simple to handle leads, sales, and pipeline activities.

The email marketing module in Claritysoft CRM allows users to build and deliver branded professional mass emails to consumers using email templates. Users can receive important insight into their marketing effectiveness by studying and reviewing email correspondence metrics with email tracking functionality. Users can also create accurate quotations and proposals using the Claritysoft CRM price quotes tool.