What is ClearView CRM?

ClearView CRM is a powerful donor management software. This program was created specifically for fundraising.Fundraisers can manage and track every stage of the donor journey with the use of ClearView's configurable opportunity and move management, reporting, and business intelligence features. The business offers nonprofit organizations technology like donor CRM, web marketing, and expert business services.

To assist fundraisers in managing and reporting on each stage of the donor journey, ClearView offers customizable opportunity and move management, reporting and business information, as well as a variety of strong tools. ClearView is user-friendly and accessible on all platforms, including mobile apps for field-based gift officers and a check-in and payment app for events that records attendance and takes fees for additional services like donations.

In addition to keeping track of important donor data, ClearView CRM also monitors campaign activity, manages opportunities, and aids in developing plans to take advantage of those possibilities.

It offers management the chance to plan events, communicate effectively, and make other fundraising-related initiatives.  List segmentation, gift processing, event administration, and membership management are all handled by this CRM.

Users may follow and develop their donor relationships thanks to the business intelligence and reports' level of detail. In addition to managing fundraising activities, ClearView CRM also manages workers. ClearView offers configurable dashboards as a web-based or mobile solution. Reports and BI on donations, fundraising activities, and staff efforts are provided by ClearView CRM.

Therefore, it is a very effective tool that connects fundraising efforts across numerous media with a central donor database, enabling multichannel marketing. Numerous charities and cultural institutions receive top-notch software and solutions from ClearView.