What is ClientSpace?

ClientSpace is a powerful software designed to get rid of unnecessary work and provide additional opportunities for your business. It is specially designed for PEOs and ASOs. ClientSpace will be useful for small and medium-sized startups.

This CRM software facilitates teams to see everything that's going on with their clients and increases collaboration and enhances productivity across the organization. 

ClientSpace performs functions such as:

Task Management: CRM will be an indispensable solution for the commodity business and services, support and sales departments, project management, as well as in those areas where there is active communication with various specialists and contractors. Consulting, real estate sales and rentals, training courses, recruiting, beauty industry, IT, tourism, insurance, consumer services - these are just some examples of businesses that ClientSpace will greatly simplify.

Territory Management: It is a system by which customer accounts are grouped based on a defined set of criteria. This makes for easy sharing of customer accounts among different sales teams in your company.

Document Storage: CRM will minimize the time to perform routine tasks through automation capabilities, including organizing data from different servers, working with document and email templates, bulk mailings, assigning statuses and shortcuts with one click, and more. Documents can be stored in your CRM Accounts and Opportunity records. This might be a quotation, Service Level Agreement, meeting minutes, product schedule or maybe a warranty record.

Mobile Access: More and more communications are using smartphones. And when you need to quickly clarify some information while out of the office, the availability of a mobile version of CRM will be very appropriate. Now, wherever you are, with the help of your phone or tablet you can always monitor the work of managers, build statistics, edit orders and much more.

Segmentation: Customer segmentation — a strategy where you divide your customer base into small groups that share similar characteristics — is a powerful marketing technique. Once you’ve segmented your audience into smaller chunks, you can target these groups with customer-centric marketing material that generates a huge return on your investment. ClientSpace streamlines this process so you reach the customers who are most receptive to your products and services.

Internal Chat Integration: Internal communications are an important element of an organization's growth. The ClientSpace internal chat feature is designed to help your team members communicate and collaborate to get things done faster.

Quotes/Proposals: Create a proposal template with your logo and standard services in minutes. Customize it as needed and share it with clients instantly. Trigger quote and invoice email sequences automatically when you move a lead from one sales stage to the next.

ClientSpace employees develop custom IT solutions to improve the customer experience and optimize your work. CRM provides fast access to data, making it much easier for users to collaborate with each other - resulting in intra-team interaction and increased productivity.

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