What is ClientTether?

Client Tether helps you reach your customers in a personalized way at scale. It comes with plenty of tools for automated sales engagement, such as customer retention, lead management, and other automated communications. Client Tether also has a suite of franchise management features. Ease of Use Client Tether is very feature-rich, so you'll need some training to learn the ropes. However, the company's customer support team gets rave reviews. The CRM is built for franchises, and customer care is there to ensure all of your locations implement and understand the software. The company is also responsive to user suggestions and makes continuous strides to improve the platform.

Contact Management With Client Tether, you can easily manage all of your contacts in one place. At a glance, you can see who needs contacting, which leads you're working on, and what deal stage they're in. You can also filter contact lists by any criteria of your choice, such as high-value contacts, unresponsive contacts, and clients in need of a follow-up. Many of your touchpoints can be automated. You can send bulk emails and SMS directly from the CRM. A template library ensures you stay on brand and professional in every communication. Audience segmentation lets you communicate with clients at scale but still with a personal touch. Dashboards The Client Tether dashboard displays team and individual performance and offers visual comparisons between reps, franchises, and branch locations. It's easy to view business performance overall or take a granular look into your data.

Important KPIs can be tracked, such as lead follow-up, deal stages, customer churn, and sales revenue. The dashboards are linked to a task manager that sends alerts when performance indicators and tasks aren't met. Everything on the dashboard can be easily translated into a report. Sales Tools You can set up automation rules that trigger appropriate communication. For example, you could trigger a gift certificate to be sent whenever a customer has a birthday. Or, you could automate a reminder to contact customers who haven't been active in the last 60 days.

You also get visual pipelines that make the sales process transparent. Task assignments, workflows, and automated communications can be tied to each deal stage. For example, a phone call could automatically be assigned to your calendar if a deal begins to rot. Client Tether helps businesses with lead capture, lead conversion, and lead nurturing, making the sales process as seamless as possible. If a lead is captured on your website, for instance, the CRM can automatically create a new record, then assign the lead to a rep.

You can then call the lead directly from the Client Tether, ensuring you strike while a lead is hot. Reputation Management This is a relatively new feature to CRM software and one that sets Client Tether apart from competitors. You can automate much of your after-sales communications and manage your reviews, good and bad. CT automatically asks satisfied customers to leave a review. It also combs the internet for user reviews, letting you respond to negative comments quickly. Franchise Features Client Tether comes with features for franchises such as royalty management, international databases, centralized knowledge centers, and a call center suite.