What is Close CRM?

Forget about enterprise software that is costly and complex. Close offers an affordable, flexible CRM designed for SMBs. The user-friendly platform lets your team customize dashboards and fields to create the sales tool they need. Close CRM is also jam-packed with productivity tools, such as a power dialer, email automation, and embedded communication for phone and SMS.

Ease of Use

Sales reps are notorious for avoiding CRM systems. To get staff buy-in, it`s essential to show the benefits of CRM—and fast. Close nails the balance between ease of use and maximum functionality. Most users can pick up the system in a day. The only hiccup is that Close CRM speaks its own language. You`ll need to adapt to their terms. For example, your inbox includes tasks, not email. Otherwise, everything in the system makes intuitive sense. Icons are illustrative and don`t leave you guessing about their function. For example, a simple plus sign allows you to add a record or field.


You can customize your pipeline stages. Simply add more steps and change the names to build a pipeline that mirrors your sales process. However, you are limited to 1-3 pipelines unless you subscribe to Close`s premium Business Plan. Even then, you get ten pipelines max. This presents a significant limitation for Close CRM. Companies managing multiple sales cycles will need a bigger tool.

Pipeline views: The bar at the top of your pipeline gives you several options to filter your pipeline view, such as by deal value, user, and timeframe. You have over 50 metrics to choose from. Smart Views: Smart Views are another filter you can use to sort your data.

Close comes with six: Untouched leads Leads to call Leads never emailed Email opened this week No contact >30 days Opportunity follow-up You can also create custom Smart Views. With Close CRM, you`re in control of your data. There`s no limit to the number of Smart Views you create. You can save and share them with colleagues to get the exact information your business needs. Reporting Reports are often one of the most daunting features in CRM systems. But Close CRM makes dashboards and reporting simple too.