What is Commence CRM?

Commence CRM is comprehensive enough to handle most business requirements while still remaining easy to use. It has features for sales, marketing, customer service, plus a project management suite. From one platform, you get an overview of your customer relationships, projects, and business overall. Commence CRM is designed specifically for small to medium-sized businesses.

Account and Contact Management With Contact Management, you can instantly access customer contact information, build personalized communications, track customer interactions, and more. A single unified database ensures information is immediately available without having to move from system to system. Multiple users can create, modify and manage contacts. This ensures customer profiles are complete and information is never siloed between departments. Commence CRM also has unlimited custom fields. This makes it easy to collect and sort information without imposing a rigid structure on the data.

As a cloud-based system, the data is accessible 24/7 from any device. Marketing Tools You can segment customers and prospects by any criteria--simply add a given field to the customer record, and then you can sort by this condition. From there, you can create targeted campaigns, which the option to use templates, personalized greetings, and automated bulk email sends. Your automated campaigns can be placed on a schedule. Detailed analytics let you calculate the success of each campaign by lead generation, conversions, and close rates. You can also create and integrate web forms into your campaigns to gather new leads. Any new lead info is automatically synced to your CRM, creating a new record.

Commence CRM removes the headache of tedious tasks, so marketing teams can focus more on strategy. Sales Tools Sales professionals today face an increasingly complex sales environment. Their customers have multiple decision-makers, and they need to decide how to best manage each sales opportunity, from introduction to closure. They also need to manage multiple customer accounts simultaneously. Commence can streamline all the moving pieces of your sales process. You get interactive sales pipelines that monitor where every deal is in the funnel. Dashboards make it easy to measure team, individual, and sales performance. You can also produce forecasts and reports with just a few clicks. Sales agents can automate sales tasks, such as data entry, bulk emails, and follow-ups.

Commence can also keep the entire team on tasks through automated reminders and workflows. Sales documents, such as contracts, quotes, and receipts, can be saved to the customer profile. Plus, you can dial, email, and message right from the CRM. Having one system for all your sales functions can save you hours of work each week. Customer Service Tools Commence CRM puts all your customer data front and center, helping reps deliver relevant info faster.

They can see a history of problems with the company or product. All client interactions are recorded, so the customer never has to repeat themselves. Plus, anyone on your team is empowered to help them. You can organize help desk tickets by priority, automatically assign tasks to staff, and keep track of important customer service metrics. Ever wondered how many service calls were missed or the average time it takes to close a ticket? Commence can give you the data you need to improve your service. You can also integrate knowledge management, ensuring reps are well-versed in every product or service you offer. Customers can use self-service portals and online FAQs, so reps can focus on more complex issues. Project Management The project management module helps you track project progress, including tasks, deliverables, deadlines, and budgets. It also provides collaboration tools to help coordinate the work of multiple teams working on the same project.