What is Contactually?

Contactually is a CRM for real estate agents. The highly visual platform helps you organize contacts, relationships, and follow-ups. You can automate communications, tasks, and reminders based on where the client is in the pipeline. It comes with a user-friendly app, letting agents work anywhere, anytime. It also comes with a robust referral feature, keeping your ties to former customers strong and your pipeline flowing.

Syncs with Gmail and Outlook let agents work right out of their inboxes. Ease of Use Contactually boasts that you can get the platform up and running in mere minutes. The real estate CRM loads quickly and smoothly, from both desktop and mobile. There are plenty of online training materials, such as FAQs, a Support Center, Webinars, and an Online Training Center. The interface itself is elegant and visually pleasing. Plus, Contactually has gamified some of real estate's more dreaded tasks, such as sorting contacts into buckets. Dashboard The dashboard is a highly-visual hub that keeps agents on course, with follow-up reminders, tasks, appointments, and more. It also prompts you to contact clients who are overdue for a phone call or email.

The CRM automatically reminds you of new contacts you need to bucket, or next steps for your pipeline. It also grades your performance, letting you know how well you're maintaining client relationships. Contact Management Real estate agents deal with a huge number of clients. Contactually makes it easy to keep the details straight. You can sync your email and contact lists with just a click--no data entry required. Each profile can include a photo of the client and/or property, communication history, pipeline status, and more.

You can then organize contacts your way using the Contactually bucket system. Group contacts into categories (AKA 'buckets') according to how you work--new leads, current clients, sphere of influence, and any other important segment for your business. You can assign time limits to your buckets as well, reminding you to get in touch on a regular basis. Contactually also offers email and SMS templates, or you can create your own. The ability to template responses and schedule automated follow-ups saves time and streamlines communications across your business.

Contactually, CRM will even tell you the best time to email based on past open rates. Additionally, you can integrate with phone and SMS apps, allowing you to click to dial from within the CRM or send bulk SMS. Automation for Real Estate Contactually CRM automates several workflows, such as lead qualification, drip campaigns, and data entry. Wherever a prospect is in the pipeline, you can automate the appropriate communication. Alternatively, you can receive an alert once a prospect reaches a certain stage of the sales process and reach out personally. Contactually for real estate ensures everyone who contacts your business is given personalized and prompt attention.