What is ConvergeHub?

ConvergeHub is an enterprise-grade CRM that includes Sales, Marketing, Support, and Billing, allowing you to manage all customer-related activities from a single platform. It is a powerful business-growth platform designed for small and medium-sized businesses.

ConvergeHub can be used to complete all customer-related tasks at all stages of the customer lifecycle. It can be used to generate leads, send campaigns, nurture prospects, close sales, answer support tickets, generate contracts, store documents, manage products or services, send quotations, and create invoices, among other things. ConvergeHub's powerful customization and automation features enable you to configure and automate your own business processes, resulting in increased productivity.

ConvergeHub's 360-degree prospect and customer view provides in-depth actionable insights, allows you to track all touchpoints via activity history, and allows you to plan upcoming conversations with prospects and customers via any channel - email, phone, text, fax, or social. Comments, notes, tags, tasks, appointments, calendars, reminders, and notifications all work together to keep you informed and connected.

You can segment your lists, create templates, and run email and text marketing campaigns. Maintain close contact with your customers by tracking customer service cases and responding quickly to them. Create quotations and send invoices for your products and services directly from the CRM, and track payments as they come in. Report Builder and customizable Dashboards allow you to create your own reports and visually track the progress of all business areas.

ConvergeHub integrates with other software via many native integrations, including QuickBooks, DocuSign, PandaDoc, Ringcentral, Twilio, Office365, Box, Dropbox, WordPress, and others, as well as Zapier, Piesync, APIs, and Webhooks.