What is Cosential?

For major design, engineering, and construction organizations, Cosential is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) and proposal automation tool. AEC professionals can use the solution to manage customer relationships, business development, project lifecycles, and proposal preparation. Users may capture useful data and maintain data accurate, current, and transparent across the organization with Cosential.

Cosential is designed to AEC best practices, allowing marketers, business developers, partners, and project managers to be more effective and productive in their work. The solution's core information platform can be customized to meet the demands of each company, and it offers powerful data connections with applications like Outlook, Ajera, Deltek, CMiC, BST, Viewpoint, and Timberline, as well as corporate websites like LinkedIn. Users just select the data fields they want to link and then tell Cosential when to update them automatically.

The contact manager from Cosential provides a comprehensive view of an organization's relationships, interactions, and history with clients and partners. Users can get a broad overview of each staff member's project experience, credentials, and areas of specialty with the personnel module. The projects module allows users to observe the relationship of project-specific data such as directories, financials, logistics, marketing, and appropriate documents.

The special publisher module from Cosential helps businesses in the preparation of targeted proposals, qualifications statements, resumes, project profiles, project lists, government filings, and more. Users can create distribution and custom value lists using the activities module, which includes a call log, email, and task management in a single grid view. Users can track marketing campaigns and manage strategic plans, goals, and results using the solution's marketing module.