What is Creatrix Campus?

Creatrix Campus is a cloud-native higher education software that assists academic administrators, student support staff, and others in the education industry in managing the student's journey from admission to alumni. It addresses tasks such as enrollment, attendance, curriculum mapping, grading, accreditation, and fee invoicing.

Creatrix has products such as Student CRM, Admissions & Enrollment, SIS, LMS, FMS, Strategic Planning, Automated Scheduling, Assessments, and Accreditation that help nurture student and faculty experiences, exceptional learning & teaching, and overall institutional effectiveness with the goal of bringing forth digital transformation.

CRM dashboards with region-specific lead results, student profile dashboards with contact details and assessment results, fee management dashboards with a breakdown of completed and outstanding payments, and accreditation planners with individual degree completion timelines for each student are among the main modules.

It also includes course and event scheduling tools, placement and career management options, student workflows, report and form builders, and collaboration tools.