What is CRM.io?

CRM.io is a CRM software from 500apps that helps companies drive more sales and allows businesses to centralize all client data in one location. The cloud-based CRM software is great for retail establishments or any other business that wants to construct, enhance, as well as keep client connections. The prime features of the software include contact management, deal management, and sales automation to streamline sales processes and business workflows. Besides these features that we will consider in this CRM.io overview, the software also offers electronic signatures and a visual workflow drag-and-drop designer.

Lead management software provides any business with a central location to manage all of their leads, allowing you to track, capture and measure the likelihood of your leads becoming potential buyers. And with features such as contact management, you get a single holistic view of all your contacts and their activities, which allows you to make more deals without spending a lot of time tracking contacts.

With account management, you can be more strategic in your sales pursuits with a view of all accounts, because intelligent account management software understands your customer's business needs and helps you win more deals by providing an overview of key accounts that allows you to focus on the most important ones.

An important feature in our CRM.io overview is deal management. Businesses looking for a competitive edge over their competitors often turn to deal management software that gives them all the tools they need to track, manage and win more deals. You can track and manage the progress of your transactions, set the prices of your products and the currency in which they are sold, and create several pipelines, each with its own relevant deal stages according to your needs.

Another feature in our CRM.io overview that will make your work easier is sales automation. You can automate both repetitive everyday tasks and complex business processes with an intuitive drag-and-drop designer. Free up your time, and manage staff productivity to increase sales. And with sales analytics, you can view your sales performance with visual, interactive reports and dashboards, forecast future sales, optimize your sales process, and make strategic decisions.

In addition to the main functions, CRM.io also offers document management, CRM telephony, built-in project management, lead scoring, and much more. Therefore, you can manage leads, deals, emails, and many other things from a single dashboard. You can even sign documents electronically and manage your mailing software from the same place, starting with half a billion email databases. And you can optimize your pipeline with a visual designer to set up powerful automation that responds to pipeline changes, incoming leads, and new contacts.

In this CRM.io overview, we should also mention about integrations and widgets that can combine data from your email provider, your phone provider, billing software, etc. to provide a more holistic customer management package. You can integrate with Gmail and synchronize all emails, and send automatic emails to your clients to notify them in advance of important deals or meetings.

To sum up, CRM.io is a multifunctional and flexible program whose purpose is to provide you with everything you need to help your business grow into a large Fortune 500 company. 

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