What is CRMNEXT?

CRMNEXT is an enterprise grade CRM for financial services. Banks and credit unions use CRMNEXT for retail banking, corporate banking, securities and AMC. It simplifies work and helps your business scale with features like, marketing automation, lead management, call center management, and salesforce automation. It also provides business intelligence using machine learning, analytics, sales forecasts, and more. The user-friendly design is suitable for users without much technical knowledge. Ease of Use Financial services is a complex industry. CRMNEXT is just the tool to simplify your processes and make work easier.

Many tedious and repetitive tasks can be automated with the platform. Plus, it makes tracking complex business relationships easy by providing exhaustive customer profiles. You can see a client`s lifetime value, latest purchase, and contact history from a single screen. Pipelines give you a window to exactly where they are in the sales cycle. Despite being dense with functionality and features, CRMNEXT doesn`t feel cluttered. The CRM is organized into a simple, modern UI.

Sales Features Business intelligence is integrated throughout the platform making it easier to make informed decisions about the best product to pitch, client to target, or sales script to close. CRMNEXT gives extensive cross-selling and upselling intelligence by analyzing past purchases and web behavior. You also get appointment setting features and automated reminders. Monitor sales pipelines and finesse processes with real-time insights based on CRMNEXT`s analytics. Taken together, these advanced features help reduce churn and create more sales.

Customer Service Features CRMNEXT provides advanced tools for call center agents. Managers can create call scripts based on data intelligence, such as which agents close cases faster. There`s also outbound predictive dialing, context-dependent screen pop-ups, integrated reporting, and workflows. The customer portal keeps communication open 24/7. Clients can give feedback, set appointments, and make payments via portal, reducing your agents` workload. You can also program automatic routing rules, which capture requests from the web or email and route them to the right team.

Marketing CRMNEXT provides a library of up-to-date marketing materials, such as photos, designs, and templates. It integrates easily with existing campaign tools, models, and marketing lists. The AI combs through data from all your apps, as well as social, mobile, and behavioral insights which can be used to create more targeted campaigns. Send real-time responses, personalized promotions, and bulk emails with just a click. P

roject Management CRMNEXT offers agile project management tools to streamline your projects. Gartner even recognized this feature with a CRM Excellence Award. You can use CRMNEXT To plan, organize, manage, assign, and track tasks. Accounting integrations can create automated invoices as projects and tasks are completed. You also get a visual account of where each project stands, leading to more accurate revenue forecasts.