What is DashClicks?

DashClicks’ Deals app is the best sales CRM software for small businesses you’ll ever come across. The multifunctional software makes life easy for your sales team through automation. The application enables you to add and assign new leads to sales reps, so they can take action on it when it’s still hot. It also helps you to customize records and keep the leads moving down the sales funnel across multiple teams and sales pipelines. You can also edit a deal after you have created it.

One of the noteworthy features of the Deals app is that you can automate your workflow with deal automations. Send SMS messages, custom emails, set reminders, change deal owners, tag and trigger InstaSite and InstaReport builds.

Another thing you should know about this highly reliable sales pipeline management software is that you can easily track all deal automation history logs and check which automations failed, which were successful, and much more.

An exclusive feature of the Deals app that specifically deserves a shout-out is the seamless tracking of every stage of the deal cycle. Customize deals, isolate conversations, write up notes, create reminders, and so much more with the app. You can also open efficiently designed contact cards to manage your deals in a robust manner.

DashClicks’ Deals app is known for creating a completely transformational experience for the sales team of a business.

You can try the app for free (no credit card required). You can also choose from one of the paid plans:

Free - $0 per month (sales pipelines - 1)
Pro - $97 per month (sales pipelines - 3)
Plus - $297 per month (sales pipelines - 10)
Premium - $597 per month (sales pipelines - unlimited)

Opting for the app will be advantageous for your business and help you save time, automate processes, and quickly reach your goals as an organization.

All in all, when you decide to choose this trustworthy sales pipeline CRM software, you bring automation to life when managing deals and leads. DashClicks is also focused on granular reporting across multiple pipelines.