What is D&B Hoovers?

D&B Hoovers is a sales acceleration tool that uses actionable data to help B2B sales and marketing teams uncover excellent leads and opportunities. It offers detailed company profiles from the Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud for over 170 million firms. The platform may use this information to help teams target prospects intelligently and boost sales productivity.

D&B Hoovers has a user-friendly interface that incorporates news, real-time alerts, dynamic search with filters, smart lists, buyer intent models, data downloads, and more. These features enable teams to use intelligent data to swiftly find opportunities and have educated conversations with target companies.

Users can use it to schedule sales calls in advance to have more educated interactions, enhance productivity, and obtain actionable data in their CRM dashboard. Targeting possibilities is made easier with real-time business analytics, comprehensive search capabilities, and in-depth company profiles. The capacity to reach out to the appropriate individuals at the right time with the correct message speeds up the closing of business deals.

Key Features

  • Strategic Targeting: Helps with leads in the pipeline by providing extensive search and lead list-building capabilities. Dynamic lists aid in market monitoring 24/7, and ensure that a list has the largest number of prospects possible.

  • Improved Sales Prospecting: For improved results, personalize sales pitches using in-depth sales intelligence on target accounts. Company profiles, industry research, technology, and financial reports, buyer intent data, and more may all be used to refine your search.
  • Enhanced Sales Productivity: Provides real-time trigger warnings, predictive indicators, industry-based analysis, market research reports, and more to help salespeople get more done in less time.
  • Economic Integration: By linking internal tools and integrations, you can better coordinate sales and marketing inputs for improved engagement.
  • Prospecting Suite: Provides insight into a company's financial transactions and can be used to help select companies based on those transactions.

Solutions and Partners

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