What is DealCloud?

DealCloud is a financial CRM and fund management technology that assists organizations with fundraising, financial transactions, regulatory compliance, and other activities. Organizations can use the relationship management module to set up user rights, define organizational strategies, and keep track of client/lead interactions in one place.

Administrators can configure workflows, dashboards, reports, and notifications for team members and business units using DealCloud's pipeline management capability. Collaboration, analytics, email marketing, custom forms, risk assessment, and other features are available. Supervisors may also use the platform to execute promotional email campaigns, manage prospects, and analyze engagement metrics such as email open and click rates.

DealCloud enables businesses to create, edit, and publish landing pages that include embedded online forms for collecting client information. Managers and leaders can create pre-formatted reports in PDF or Microsoft Word and email them to team members. It also allows employees to generate and send white-label emails with content like deal announcements, press releases, fundraising communications, promotions, event invitations, and newsletters.

DealCloud includes an API that enables enterprises to interface the system with a variety of third-party apps, including Workday, Tableau, Taiga, and others. Supervisors can provide permissions and access rights to certain users, limiting their ability to view, edit, or delete data. DealCloud also allows businesses to keep track of and archive communication between employees, supervisors, and partners.