What is Deskera CRM?

Deskera Customer Relationship Management Software provides a web-based CRM solution that gives an organization a unified view of its customers, automates critical sales processes such as lead qualification and promotional campaigns, and enables decision-makers to easily implement customer-centric strategies and ensure effective sales management.

Deskera CRM automates your sales and supports activities. Using Deskera forms, you may direct leads from web pages into the CRM. Create appealing emails by segmenting contacts based on your nurturing process. Campaign launches can be scheduled, and rich statistics can be used to follow your results. Expand the number of deals in the CRM pipeline to increase closings.

Using Deskera ticketing, you can improve support tracking and response time. Install a help desk to provide your users with fast guidance to troubleshooting the issue. Growing companies or startups seeking a low-cost platform to handle contacts, deals, pipelines, sales team activities, marketing campaigns, corporate knowledge base, and support tickets.