What is Dolibarr ?

Dolibarr is an open-source platform for nonprofits, freelancers, and businesses of all sizes. The project employs a few thousand engineers, translators, users, and testers. Because it is open-source, it has a big user base that provides regular feedback to help improve the overall product. It can be run locally or online on a dedicated or virtual machine that can be accessible at any time from anywhere.

Product and stock management, human connections, billing and finance, marketing, and other elements are included. It comes in a variety of flavors and supports a variety of operating systems, including Mac, Linux, Windows, and auto-installer packages.

Key Features

  • Dolibarr has a point of sale interface that may be used by restaurants, traditional shops, and pubs. Users can define tables, floors, and rooms using the drag-and-drop interface. It enables automatic stock updates and a touchscreen POS, and invoices and orders can be assigned to a table.
  • Dolibarr may set up accounts and dispatch data such as salary, products, expenditure reports, purchases, and sales in ledger tables using double-entry accounting. Users have the ability to create or define their own chart of accounts.
  • APIs and Hooks: Users can utilize hooks, triggers, and APIs to interface their ERP with other applications. It allows users to customize Dolibarr to meet their individual requirements. By adding trigger code, users can have their own code run every time an event occurs.
  • Timesheets: Dolibarr provides a variety of options for entering information into timesheets, including a week, day, or month grid. It also has the ability to import data from projects and individual tasks.
  • Expense Reports: Dolibarr allows customers to define expense types in dictionaries so that correct statistics may be generated. Users who integrate the accounting module will be able to automatically route all expenses to a different account. Managers have the ability to locate, approve, validate, or refuse expenses.
  • Bank Reconciliation: During payment recording, this function assists users in detecting typing errors or missing facts. Bank account reconciliation can be done from the same grid, and users can utilize filters to search through numerous lines at once.
  • Users can create invoices, down payments, and credit notes from the ground up. Proposals, orders, contracts, and interventions can all be used to generate report invoices. Users can manually add entire content or predefined products.

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