What is Drip?

Drip is a software solution designed primarily for email marketing focused on various customer types ranging from freelancers to large organizations. It`s the perfect software for online stores and eCommerce companies. Drip is equipped with various functions, technologies, necessary tools, and insights to send emails that will attract the attention of customers. The most popular tools under this platform are automated lead magnet delivery, custom opt-in popups, and Facebook Lead Ads.

Automated eCommerce marketing, automated workflows, and marketing tools allow you to focus less on manually managing your brand and more on your customer’s entire journey. Additionally, you can reach out more to your audience as it provides analytics (in the form of customer data), targeted emails, and other marketing-related features. In this way, you can better understand the needs of your clients and improve your business.

You can track and use customer data across different channels. Additional functions are tags, custom fields, events, lists, and integrations that help you gain a deeper understanding of how clients behave and what you can do to build reliable relationships with them. Furthermore, with behavior-based automation, you can wait for the perfect time to communicate with people.

Drip is flexible with your email campaigns. This is especially useful in reaching out to more people from different parts of society and guaranteeing they are receiving emails that are of use to them.

Drip’s optimized interface, simple and clear dashboard and pleasant visual appearance allow you to make quick but thoughtful decisions to improve your business. 

The software intergrades with Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento, Shopper API, and more.