What is Dynamo?

Dynamo Software is a customizable, multi-functional investment and asset management solution. It`s specifically designed for fund managers, endowments, pensions, foundations, service providers, institutional investors, and M&A teams.  This cloud-based software package provides capital raising, CRM, research management, deal management, partnership accounting, manager tracking, and acquisition management. Besides these features, the platform also powers the alternative investments industry with industry-specific solutions that streamline operations while handling increasingly detailed regulatory requirements. 

First, in this Dynamo overview, we should mention that the platform includes such features as deal management, manager tracking, fundraising, compliance, reporting, investor servicing, investor portal, and workflow automation. It also addresses the front-to-back office hurdles across service providers, GPs, and LPs operating in the alternative investment space. Moreover, it provides powerful integration options that remove the obstacles to suitable and efficient alternative investment operations. Dynamo allows integration with the Microsoft Office suite to import/export documents, emails, and data into relevant records for ensuring regulatory compliance. In the Dynamo overview, we will consider the advantages of the platform that will help improve your user experience.

First, Dynamo software is a configurable solution rather than a customizable product because the application is designed to be easy to implement and does not require the help of IT professionals to deploy. Its administrative dashboards allow users to customize the look and feel of the solution, and its configurability reduces implementation time while the adjustable dashboards provide a user-friendly experience.

Moreover, Dynamo Software has a powerful investment research feature that allows managers to automatically collect future investment research and logically store the data. This, coupled with workflow automation, helps centralize information and manage data organizations through automated task assignments, data changes, reporting, notifications, and authenticated approvals. And workflow automation possibilities allow companies to precisely manage processes to achieve business goals.

The main benefit in our Dynamo overview is reliable CRM which is created to simplify and expand the ability to effectively manage relationships in the private investment industry. CRM functionality allows users to handle a wide range of operational needs in the field of alternative investments through unique workflows and data management strategies. In addition, the CRM module allows businesses to meet growing compliance requirements.

You can add structure and transparency to your pipeline flow with automated task-based workflows, and track team member progress, deal stage, deal source, and other key metrics. With data visualization, you have the ability to view your data the way you like with interactive charts and graphs through flexible SSRS and Microsoft PowerBI. You can also collect financial data, deal files, contacts, benefits, and news for investors and companies as well as consolidate documents and data from different places with automatic tagging and advanced search. 

To sum up this Dynamo overview we should also add that you can enjoy on-the-go access to important deal information with the integrated mobile app for iOS and Android. Dynamo Software is next-generation asset management software designed specifically for the alternative investment industry. It is a comprehensive set of powerful solutions that optimize the day-to-day work to increase the productivity of investment teams around the world.