What is edge CRM?

Edge offers CRM solutions for many verticals, including pharmaceuticals, laboratories, manufacturing, consulting, and chemicals. It was made for salespeople by salespeople, and comes equipped with some unique features that make the software more engaging. You can motivate staff to outperform each other with gamification features. There are also loads of productivity tools to keep your staff focused on sales, while the CRM takes care of rote work. Sales Pipelines Edge does more than visualize your sales pipelines. The sophisticated CRM includes an AI-powered feature called Scorecast.

You can customize your lead scoring parameters. Then Edge will do the rest, adding leads according to priority-based scoring. It can factor in variables, such as lifetime value, win probability, and value of the sale. The system can also predict losses, enabling you to move to save a deal. Automated reminders ensure that no prospect goes untouched or slips through the cracks. Sales Gamification Edge CRM invites you to “play the game of sales.” This is another of Edge’s standout features which make learning and using CRM software fun. User adoption is a notorious problem for CRM companies, but Edge can make a difference.

The built-in leaderboard shows who’s top in sales, along with other metrics such as callbacks and new leads. Sales teams can comment, giving each other supportive compliments or a little healthy ribbing. Sales Gamification Customer Engagement Customer engagement is an essential metric and an essential part of a healthy customer relationship. Every interaction your team makes with a customer is tracked visually, making it easy for staff and managers to assess the health of the relationship. At just a glance, you can see engagement dropping off and sweep in to right the situation.

Productivity Builders Edge is loaded with features to save you time. Create a proposal with just a few clicks using an Edge template. Or, you can customize your own. You can also create templates for bills, invoices, and other standard sales documents. Emails templates are also available to be personalized to your process and clients. Collaboration Tools Edge CRM offers a task manager that can be public and integrated with staff calendars. It’s easy to coordinate on projects, even when working remotely. It also offers value-based analysis, calculating whether your time was well spent.