What is edrone?

edrone is an AI-powered CRM for eCommerce. It uses AI and Big Data to create an intelligent platform that truly knows your customers. You can use customer intelligence to personalize pitches and promotions, remember birthdays, upsell, cross-sell, and more. In addition to customer intelligence, you get marketing automation, omnichannel support, and web behavior analytics. edrone is loaded with powerful marketing features, and connects with over 150 banks and payment portals. Ease of Use It`s clear edrone put a tremendous amount of time into the design principles and layout of the platform.

The UI is unique but self-explanatory and easy to navigate. You don`t need technical knowledge or coding experience to operate edrone. All the features are visible and ready to be implemented in just a few clicks. Despite the number of advanced options, the layout is clean and uncluttered. The customer support team is also highly responsive and knowledgeable. Marketing Features edrone offers a library of automations, or “scenarios”, to use their parlance. These scenarios cover common issues for online retailers, such as: -customer wishlists -abandoned shopping cart recovery -product recommendations -loyalty programs -newsletter signups For example, you can automate a promotional pop-up as a web visitor begins to navigate away from the page.

Or, you could send a special offer for items left abandoned in their cart. These marketing interventions are automated, giving your team time to focus on relationships and revenue vs. tedious follow-up tasks. edrone also offers generous email sends. Their entry level plan provides 100,000 emails a month and the Professional plan gives you 2,000,000. You can integrate your email as well as popular tools, like MailChimp and EmailLabs. Social Media Most online retailers use Facebook to promote their products and create an easier shopping experience. edrone includes an automated scenario for Facebook Ads Manager. You can use the extensive data collected through your eCommerce site to create targeted audiences and social media campaigns.

eCommerce edrone offers Fastpass, a mobile app that allows you to receive cashless payments with nothing but a smartphone. The customer`s banking app generates a 6-digit password using BLIK. No payment terminal is needed. There`s also Tpay.com. With Tpay, the CRM can accept a vast array of payment methods. Over 150 banks, cards, portals, QR codes, and more are accepted.