What is Efficy CRM?

The most adaptable CRM options are those offered here. You may make considerable changes to the many modules that make up the software suite because Efficy CRM is open and customizable. Your CRM solution is customized by the developers to fit your business's operations, teams, events, projects, sales organization, help desk setup, etc. 

Various important technical features, like flexible, powerful, scalable, robust, configurable, etc., are offered by these CRM solutions. Efficy CRM has 4 tariff plans:

  • Starter (from 2 users) - 20€ / user / month
  • SMB (from 5 users) - 40€ / user / month
  • Enterprise (from 5 users) - 60€ / user / month
  • Corporate (from 10 users) - 80€ / user / month

With the help of Efficy CRM, you can manage all of your relationships with pleasure. A high level of efficiency is achieved by centralizing all of the information and knowledge about your clients and making it available to every authorized user .

As long as there is an internet connection, every user can access Efficy. Efficy works with all of the main browsers and is available for both PCs and MACs.

A CRM solution offers users several features that are suited to their needs, job tasks, and profile in addition to its technological features. They will have all the resources necessary to manage their customer relationships, including document templates, reporting, a 360-degree picture of the customer, and management of complaints.

A very comprehensive set of management tools, including marketing automation, project management, and tools for amending quotes and invoices, including Efficy CRM! Web forms and the ability to handle contact forms that are directly linked to the tool are both provided by Efficy CRM. By doing this, the technical and intricate process of integrating the CRM with your website is avoided. Your reports are available as an Excel spreadsheet, a PDF for email, or a dashboard. You can set the level of confidentiality and the access privileges for individuals or teams.

Regardless of the size or stage of development of your business, The Efficy Group wants to assist you in fostering engagement within your people and with your consumers. Spend less time on administrative activities and use Efficy CRM to engage your staff and expand your company.

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