What is Elead?

Elead is a browser-based automotive customer relationship management software for all types of automobile dealerships. Elead provides a lead management system that collects leads from all channels in one location and routes them according to your preferences for short-term, long-term, or immediate follow-up. Users are alerted of any missed calls, which are monitored, documented, recorded, and mapped. Access to both new and used cars allows for the automated sending of quotes to leads, complete with vehicle photos, specific details, and alternatives, as well as customizable pricing rules for trim level and model personalisation, and calls to action for pre-approval and vehicle trade value.

Key benefits of using Elead:

  • Price reductions, new leads, and read emails are all automatically informed to coworkers.
  • Leads can be given a "security net" with rules for escalation, relocation, and non-responder redirection.
  • Leads may be routed based on their source, timetable, or vehicle, with faulty or duplicate leads being discovered and reported, as well as automated answers that include complete vehicle information, images, and alternatives.
  • The built-in price rules may be used to create car models and trim levels.

Users are instantly alerted when emails are viewed, and a library of responder templates may be tailored to fit business identity. The system works with a variety of dealership management systems and third-party data suppliers, and it can communicate by telephone, sms, chat, video, and direct mail. Users may communicate with their clients from anywhere with a native mobile app for Android and iOS that includes driver's license and VIN verification, management and salesperson views, regular analytics and activities, and more. Inventory control, car values, price analysis, data mining, end-to-end lead tracking, internet marketing integration, and more are all included in the Elead platform.

The more data you have about your clients, the easier it will be to personalize interactions and plans to their specific requirements. You have everything you need to develop great connections and close more deals when you can simply monitor, manage, and analyze client data.

Elead exists to assist you in improving your customer interactions. Elead is led by professionals with deep roots in the automobile industry, giving them a unique understanding of the difficulties that dealers confront.

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