What is Elevate?

Elevate is a real estate CRM and marketing platform that acts as an ecosystem for Realtors to organize, customize, and streamline their marketing efforts, resulting in more customers, higher conversion rates, and, eventually, more deals. Elevate is more than just a customer relationship management system. The CRM dashboard and the maintenance of existing contacts are the bread and butter of most rivals in this market. Elevate, on the other hand, is not one of them. Elevate's strategy considers its CRM to be just one part of their complete system, which includes:

  • An IDX-enabled website
  • A content creation service for your blog
  • A social media management and content creation service
  • Paid lead generation optimized for buyer leads, seller leads, or both

The feature set aids teams in promoting flexible contact and data-sharing activities, streamlining data flows, and optimizing knowledge management systems in-house. It also gives marketing and sales teams template design tools to aid in the creation of unique commission structures that boost brand visibility and efficiency. The commission plans also make it easier for teams to keep track of and alter payment schedules.

Businesses can utilize the business plan tools to create budgets and gain real-time access into performance systems to assess ROI. Elevate provides process automation technologies to organizations in order to digitize monotonous operations and improve workflow systems. To enhance time, cost, and project management, admins can use AI-enabled solutions to set up commission monitoring events and approve payout procedures automatically.