What is Embark Campus?

Embark Campus offers online applications as well as sophisticated, end-to-end application and selection software. Based on our twenty years of client experience, we've created a new platform that employs cutting-edge technology to deliver a powerful, user-friendly admissions experience. Embark provides exceptional scalability, performance, and customization. Users can manage every stage of the application process with Embark Campus in order to attract and enroll their ideal incoming class.

Embark Campus is the most advanced, end-to-end online admissions software available, and it is designed to work with programs of all sizes. Whether your organization requires a simple one-page application or an institutional solution to manage multiple programs and workflow among thousands of reviewers, Embark Campus can assist you in reaching your objectives. We'll assist you at every stage of the admissions process.

Utilize data export options to transfer data to your organization's master database or Student Information System in a seamless manner (Peoplesoft, Salesforce, etc.). Notify applicants of your decision and collect their decisions as well as potential tuition or other financial deposits using follow-up enrollment forms.