What is EngageBay?

The scale, scope, and functionality of EngageBay exceeds most CRM systems. This all-in-one platform lets you automate marketing campaigns and create efficient service and sales workflows. It combines power with affordability and even offers a limited free plan for small businesses. Despite the many features, the platform still ranks highly in ease-of-use.

Ease of Use The CRM is swimming in features for sales, service, and marketing. But EngageBay still keeps the UI tidy, engaging, and easy to follow. A simple drop-down list lets you navigate between interfaces for service, marketing, and sales. This prevents the CRM from getting cluttered with too many options and features. To navigate EngageBay CRM, use the drop-down box in the left-hand corner to choose your preferred module. The tools and functions of each module are clearly signposted in the top navigation tabs. You can select from contacts, forms, landing pages, templates, campaigns, and more. Selection depends on the module you are in. However, each module includes an activity timeline.

This shows every team member’s interaction with the client and keeps departments working in sync. Customizable Dashboards The homepage has a drop-down list of dozens of reports to choose from. These “reports” are what other CRMs call widgets or dashlets. Each report offers a window into some aspect of your business, from staff performance to how many deals won this week. You set the parameters and put the information you need front and center. Then, in a few clicks, you can arrange the dashboard to your preferences.