What is Epesi CRM?

Epesi is a cross-platform web application. This means that you do not need to install it on your computer. It is open source released under MIT license. Firefox, Opera, Chrome or Safari are supported. It works on computers with Windows, Linux and Mac OS X operating systems. Database organization, sales funnel, business process automation, tasks and team performance control - all in one CRM system. Epesi CRM will help you organize your business data.Automatically structure data on customers, leads, partners and contractors and make sure no details slip away. Epesi CRM automates the generation of potential customers and helps to process new applications quickly.

It is important that once information is stored it remains there forever. Even deleted records are kept as hidden from users' view but never deleted from the database.

Flexibility of the interface allows every user to customize his or her workspace using applets - a mini view of data stored in the module. The functionality can be extended with additional modules. The base version includes the Epesi framework and set of modules providing CRM functionality:

  • Dashboard is an important software tool. By creating an information panel, Epesi CRM took care of business goals, design, KPIs, usability and possible future changes.
  • Shared calendar: the calendar displays all scheduled calls, talks, and meetings. You can share your calendar so colleagues can see your work and plan events with you. For the convenience of viewing a large number of cases is the creation of several calendars for different purposes.
  • Task list (To Do): Epesi CRM will help to record the history of relationships with existing and potential customers and partners, conveniently plan the list of tasks for the day-month-year ahead, monitor sales performance and work of managers, create analytical reports on the company.
  • Phone Call tracker designed to transfer information about incoming and outgoing calls from smartphones to the CRM system. This is exactly what you need if you make a lot of calls every day because of your business activity. You can store all call data in one place - in the Epesi CRM system.
  • Project tracker with Bugtracker: Bug trackers help you identify, track, and fix issues with your site - discover the best bug tracking tools with expert criteria to choose the right one.
  • Sales Tracking: For each operation, you can find out the time spent on it and track the problematic stages, set up a "sales funnel".
  • Integrated e-mail client: RoundCube is a modern e-mail client with a web interface that provides the ability to work with mailboxes using IMAP and SMTP. It provides full functionality you expect from an e-mail client.

The program has all the necessary tools to improve business efficiency. You, as the head of the company, with Epesi CRM will gain complete control over the work cycle - from leads to sales statistics.

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