What is Erpisto?

Erpisto is an easy-to-use cloud ERP system for medium and large companies that can increase productivity and profits. It is designed for a wide range of industries, such as manufacturing, consumer goods, education and pharmaceuticals and others. Any company that buys or sells a physical product (online or offline) can use the Erpisto app to manage its sales, purchases, transactions, inventories and basic accounting process.

Some features that will come in handy:

  • Inventory: This module allows you to keep track of all tangible assets of the company, catalog the current, add new ones.You can track the level of your stocks, control and replenish them when necessary, manage the warehouse on the cloud. This section is designed to compare your actual composition with system metrics. Here you can view past, already conducted inventories.
  • Sales: Use Erpisto to build an effective sales system: from customer needs analysis to transactions and payment control. The system combines in one interface all the necessary tools to automate the sales department. Manage sales by following the business processes embedded in the system. The basis of this CRM is a powerful business process management platform that allows you to customize processes of any complexity and branching, while using custom tools.
  • Purchase: Stay on top of your payables and know where your money is going. From vendor bills to expenses, Erpisto makes managing payables easy. Create and send purchase orders, upload expense receipts, keep track of the payments you’ve made.
  • Fixed Assets: registration and quick access to primary information about events, companies, projects, contacts. Erpisto maintains simple and hassle-free documentation for managing all your Fixed Assets. Business process automation is the delegation of routine tasks to the CRM system. This feature saves staff time and helps eliminate errors due to the human factor. The program itself creates tasks, sends requests or agreements, sends SMS to the client, reminds the manager of the contract and much more.
  • Reports: From Profit and Loss statements and Inventory Summary reports to Tax Summary reports, Erpisto offers 50+ business reports required to run your business smoothly. The Erpisto financial module is closely integrated with the functionality of all departments and is able to generate valuable financial reports, such as profit and loss statement, cost analysis report, management information report and more.In addition, the module provides financial functions and analysis reports for various departments and cost centers. 
  • E-Invoicing: this is the final stage of the sales process. The program offers you an efficient and multifunctional module to simplify your financial activities. If you used to be an accountant in your company, you had to manually create a document in the program and send the invoice by mail. It will be much easier now. Once the deal is made, Erpisto creates an invoice and issues it to the customer for payment. Generate E-Invoices from Erpisto according to Zakta requirements. Ready software on Cloud with 100% compliance. 
  • Analytics: You can not only keep track of customers and transactions, but also monitor real-time sales dynamics and employee efficiency. With Designer, you can create any report and display it on your desktop. You can evaluate the work of managers and the movement of leads in stages, learn about the sales process from the first lead to the end of the transaction.

With Erpisto CRM you will gather all your contacts in one place for easy communication, be able to cooperate with your customers through the customer portal, securely store all customer information and increase the efficiency of your work.

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