What is eWay-CRM?

eWay-CRM is a Microsoft Outlook CRM plugin that assists businesses in managing their customers, contacts, sales, projects, and marketing. It also has apps for iOS and Android, allowing users to work on the go. For individuals who prefer to work from home or on a Mac, there is also a web interface.

Key benefits of using eWay-CRM Users may track the number of emails sent, delivered, and opened, as well as clicks and unsubscribes, using tools for importing data, designing email campaigns, selecting recipients, and measuring the number of emails sent, delivered, and opened. Deals can be transformed into projects, with whole communication histories, including emails, meetings, and phone calls, as well as related documents, incorporated into the project. With customized processes and automatic task generation, the deals module allows users to handle opportunities, track communications, and arrange follow-ups.

All customers, partners, suppliers, and rivals' information is maintained in asingle database, complete with full business communication histories, and maybe sorted or filtered by relationship type, potential, importance, size, region, or user-defined custom fields. Users can export predefined reports, such as company sales figures and staff timesheets, as Microsoft Word, Excel, or PDF files to gain insight into various aspects of their organization. Users can import current customer and business opportunity data into eWay-CRM using a built-in template that can be populated with data and uploaded by dragging-and-dropping.

Details of all customers, partners, suppliers and competitors are maintained in a single database and may be sorted and filtered by importance, potential, relationship type, size, location, or any custom fields. When projects are generated from leads, full communication histories are preserved, including emails, phone calls, meetings, invoices, and documents. Overdue payments, customer birthdays, if a customer stops ordering, and other events trigger automated reminders that are synced with Outlook tasks.