What is Fat Free CRM?

Fat Free CRM is open source. This is an easily extensible CRM-platform with support for group collaborations, companies, potential tracker, etc. This is a Self-Hosted CRM. Because it's a web-based CRM, you can use it with Linux, Windows and Mac. 

It is ideally suited for small and medium sized businesses looking to grow through better customer relationships. Fat Free CRM allows small businesses to organize, process and store information about all customer relationships. It manages corporate information, such as customer contacts, customer accounts, business partners and sales opportunities. It also manages activities such as meetings, staff assignments, phone calls and tracking.

Fat Free CRM Features:

  • Campaign Management: the automated workplace of the manager increases the speed of information processing by the employee. All information is at hand. This tool is designed to organize marketing projects and assign tasks over time. It helps track campaign costs and the effectiveness of marketing efforts.   Campaign management is an all-encompassing process revolving around planning, execution, tracking and analysis of marketing initiatives.
  • Contact Database: contacts, information and history of relationships with all customers of the company are accumulated centrally in the information base. Data selection and segmentation tools allow you to select target customers, send them to managers (call, email) and analyze the results of work. Comprehensive customer information makes it easy to segment them by various criteria, such as for marketing purposes.
  • Working with Leads: no matter what the company does, it is important for its successful development to attract new customers and retain existing ones. With Fat Free CRM you can create various loyalty programs, send customers personalized content and offers.
  • Marketing Automation: analytical processing of marketing data helps users to quickly and easily generate reports on marketing activities. Reports are presented as graphs, tables, charts. All reports can be detailed according to user needs. With this feature, you can exercise interrelated control over the implementation of the plan and budget for marketing activities.
  • Multi-Campaign: Multichannel campaigns help you maintain a presence on all the channels that are relevant to your brand, ensuring you’re able to better engage prospects and maintain satisfied, informed customers. You can create and send multiple campaigns to target audiences at different stages of the customer lifecycle. Launch campaigns on various platforms and measure their results.
  • Task Management: managers, sales department and the whole company work on approved processes under the control of the CRM system. The system helps to plan contacts with clients, reminds about planned events and contacts, records their results. Employees can delegate tasks to their colleagues and check their performance at any time. Tasks are not lost.

Fat Free CRM Alternatives are Deskera CRM, ActiveCampaign, Virtuagym.

Implementation of Fat Free CRM will help:

  • respond quickly to customer requests;
  • plan the interaction;
  • evaluate the results of various marketing and advertising campaigns;
  • track every appeal;
  • cooperate effectively;
  • work individually with each client.

Fat Free CRM is a powerful tool that can be used tomorrow to improve relationships with customers, suppliers, and any other contractor. And the main thing is to increase the efficiency of company management.

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