What is FieldNotes Ai?

Fieldnotes AI is a real estate CRM system that provides a digital sales assistant to the field salesperson to help them focus on their field operations. It helps you generate leads through various digital marketing channels like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, etc. And then contact and follow up with the leads to nurture and qualify them. To begin with, in this Fieldnotes AI overview, you should acquaint yourself with the AI platform assistant - Annette. She is the best sales assistant who will help you communicate with clients. 

This real estate CRM software offers email marketing, campaign management, segmentation, client/property matching, and contact management in one place. 

So, Fieldnotes` AI assistant will follow up with your leads via voice, text, email, or Facebook Messenger. It will track and nurture your leads at least 50 times in 18 months. Moreover, it screens your leads over 50 times, gets a 96% response rate, and ensures consistent results in finding qualified leads - meaning only people interested in buying or selling their homes. This is a new generation of real estate technology.

Let's in this Fieldnotes AI overview summarize what the AI assistant can do:

  • Create or Update your contacts;
  • Categorize and group your contacts;
  • Remind you of your follow-ups;
  • Suggest when to reach out to your contacts;
  • Manage your transactions automatically;
  • Reach out to your contacts regularly and consistently.

Although real estate marketing is hard, digital marketing experts can help you generate leads that deliver results. Fieldnotes AI helps build your brand through multi-channel digital marketing. You can create advertising campaigns through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube that include potential buyers and potential customers or learn how to get more traffic and leads with PPC (pay-per-click) advertising.

The main feature of our Fieldnotes AI overview is a powerful and complete CRM system that includes all your potential customers. In this way, you can keep up with new and existing contacts through text messages and emails, and you can track and engage them with home searches or market reports that are integrated into a number of systems such as Facebook, Zillow, and hundreds of others including your website. Using an intelligent data entry system based on artificial intelligence, you can forget about all kinds of mundane and boring tasks that you simply do not have time for, because it will do them for you. 

Your website is your digital business card. Creating it is not easy, but it is important for a digital brand. But you don't have to worry because in addition to the marketing features we mentioned in this  Fieldnotes AI overview, Fieldnotes’ tools will help you create a custom site that contains IDX data for all listings. Plus, it's integrated directly into Fieldnotes to respond immediately to incoming leads.

So if you want to improve your customer relations and instead of performing routine tasks to focus on more important for the growth of your business, you can turn to Fieldnotes for help and get an idea of the limitless possibilities that this advanced artificial intelligence platform will bring to your business.

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