What is Firepoint?

Firepoint is a real estate industry-specific cloud-based lead generation and business management solution for small and midsize firms. It allows users to handle leads, keep track of team activity, and generate reports with crucial indicators. Real estate organizations can use Firepoint's built-in search engine marketing (SEM) capabilities to find excellent leads in their immediate region or a specific area. It gives managers a configurable dashboard that shows the lead generation, agent performance, budgeting, lead conversions, and more.

Managers can change the lead-generation budget, add new team members to the system, and set criteria to keep agent spending under control. Businesses can use Firepoint to investigate and acquire leads from a variety of online sources, including property rental websites like Trulia and Realtor.com, as well as social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. It also includes capabilities for running marketing campaigns, tracking client referrals, categorizing leads, and keeping in touch with existing clients via email.

Firepoint Benefits

The main advantage of utilizing Firepoint is its user-friendly interface. Real estate workers have a wide spectrum of technical experience and skills, according to the organization. The founders wanted Firepoint's features to be simple to understand and use for anybody. Clients get a dedicated account manager to help them with any issues that arise.

While Firepoint is simple to use, it also allows for a great deal of flexibility. The CRM enables the user to organize their leads in a manner that is intuitive to them. The IDX website offers plug-and-play templates that allow custom information, such as blogs and testimonials, to be displayed on separate pages.

Lead Ponds, their newest feature, is a lead creation tool that promises the fastest time to fresh leads on the market. Unassigned leads can be centralized, and follow-up accountability can be improved. This improves Firepoint's lead generation capabilities. Firepoint is a Google Premier Partner with pay-per-click advertising specialists.

Firepoint's Smart CRM helps teams communicate more effectively. The detailed lead pages reveal when and how members of the team communicated with clients. This makes managing a client's lifecycle much easier.

Firepoint has further integrations or relationships with companies such as Realtor.com, Rokrbox, ReadyChat, Zillow, and Trulia, in addition to providing a CRM, website, and lead generating all in one spot.