What is FirstGiving?

FirstGiving is a fundraising tool that assists nonprofits in raising more donations. The company provides enterprises with secure, intelligent, and comprehensive digital solutions that help them achieve their objectives.

Key benefits of FirstGiving

  • Customized Peer-to-Peer Fundraising: Using the brand logo and colors, ensure a consistent fundraising experience across all online platforms. Make all of the peer-to-peer fundraising pages your own.

  • Campaign Projects That Work: Run effective time-limited campaigns, build bespoke donation forms for unique initiatives, and assure efficient fundraising.
  • Managed Auctions: Use dynamic leaderboards to announce key offerings, thank funders, and highlight sponsors. By selling tickets online, you may immediately register bidders and attendees.
  • Allow attendees to bid on items using their mobile devices during the event. Mobile bidding adds to the excitement, resulting in a large increase in offers.

Engages emloyees raises funds, and makes a positive effect in communities for socially responsible enterprises, charities, and nonprofit organizations. It assists Nonprofits with fundraising races, walks, auctions, rides, and donor management.

A specialized support portal is available to answer inquiries and address concerns, as well as provide assistance with various processes and platforms. In the blog section, there are numerous help articles on issues such as fundraising, corporate social responsibility, and the organization.