What is Flexie CRM?

Flexie had started as a universal solution for SMBs, which were challenged with the digital transformation of the business. As a result, CRM as a platform is adaptable in different industries, such as Real Estate, Travel & Hospitality, and Insurance.

Flexie raises revenues for business by focusing on contracts with considerable value. Time is vital in sales, and so is having a simple and insightful deals pipeline. CRM is a powerful deals management system, allowing companies to concentrate on deals that bring the most value to the management.

Ease of Use

A user-friendly and customizable deals pipeline lets you create as many deals as the rep is awaiting. Have everything into one area, use filters to find specific arrangements, drag and drop values to move through stages.

Pipeline Management

The software gives a possibility to close more deals, set new targets for the team and tailor a deals pipeline to the sales thinking. Assign contracts and tasks to sales reps and managers.

Multiple Channels

In the competitive business world, we know that efficient and fast communication is key to progress. With Flexie CRM it is easy to reach the customer on the phone, email, social media, or text messaging.  Also, CRM uses tracking to detect what customers see and take essential steps to boost engagement.

Flexie permits creating a fast and efficient communication process with customers. Flexie allows sending and receiving personal emails, all in one place. Synchronize all email activity and serves as an email client through the IMAP protocol. Given the opportunity to use a well-organized mailbox to reduce clutter and concentrate on what matters the most; to sell more, keep your customers satisfied, and increase efficiency within the company.

On-premise solution

Flexie offers a full-featured solution, boosting productivity, automating repetitive tasks, and offering an excellent customer experience. 

If you’re an SMB company and have IT expertise to take control of the CRM system, then the on-premise solution is a good choice for your business. An on-premise solution gives you complete control over the CRM. Deals management, sales automation, integration (IMAP), VoIP integration, email custom reports, and all the other features of CRM. 

Cloud solution

CRM has opportunities to choose the cloud solution-you have both alternatives. 

Multiple SMTP

Multiple SMTP for transactional emails and marketing.

Multiple IMAP

Integration of personal mailbox into Flexie, Gmail, Zoho, Office 365 or any other IMAP.


Multiple dashboards with optional permissions based on the users accessing of CRM.


Advanced filters to better understand workflows, campaigns, tasks, and more.

2-Way SMS

Build a notification system or stay in touch with clients through automated SMS.

Push Content

Push dynamic content to your website when the lead is online, be it a form, HTML, or JSON data.

Solutions and Partners

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