What is Flowlu CRM?

This all-in-one business management tool includes CRM, project management, collaboration tools, and financial management. You can plan, organize, and track all your business processes from a single platform. As the name suggests, the business modules flow and integrate seamlessly, creating an ideal user experience. In fact, Flowlu is one of the highest customer-rated CRM`s on the market, with 4.8/5 stars. It`s ideally suited to small to midsize businesses, with an entry price of US$ 29/month. Ease of Use and Customization Kanban (meaning “visible sign” in Japanese) has become a trendy feature for software makers. Flowlu makes this an option throughout the platform. Pipelines, tasks, and projects can all be arranged into moveable Kanban-style tiles.

This keeps the work visible and transparent, plus you can quickly drag and drop your way from one stage to the next. If you prefer Gannt charts or traditional list views, it`s also available. Flowflu lets you plan, work, and visualize your way. Customization is another selling point for Flowlu, as you can add custom fields, pipelines, deal stages, automations, projects, and more. It offers a fluid platform that works with you and your workflow. CRM Flowlu offers a robust CRM solution, and it`s free for up to two users.

Features include:

Contact management: Every interaction moves your customer further down the sales pipeline. Flowlu`s CRM integrates with email, telephony, social media, and SMS. You can stay on top of all client communication with ease.

360-degree client profiles: Your interaction history is just one part of every client profile. You can also view the deal stage, associated projects, outstanding invoices, and more. The 360-degree view lets you see every detail about the customer and their value to your business.

Sales stats: With Flowlu, you maintain a firm grasp on the customer journey and the health of your sales cycle. You can view sales metrics at a glance, such as conversion rates, lost opportunities, and average time to close. As a bonus, you get multiple pipelines, a feature most CRMs charge a premium for.

Task management: Virtually every CRM offers task management, but Flowlu offers complete customization, so your headspace isn`t crowded with continual bells, dings, and other distractions. You can focus your attention on your priorities; Flowlu adapts to your work process. Kanban views are offered throughout the platform, so you get a visual representation of your tasks. With just a click, you can set, delegate, and monitor task progress.

Automation of repetitive tasks: If you have standardized business processes, you can automate them with Flowlu`s automation rules. Flowlu will automate actions based on criteria you set, such as emailing each new qualified lead or automatically issuing an invoice once a project is marked complete. Financial Management Flowlu integrates with PayPayl, Skrill, Stripe, and Square and offers its own financial management tools.

Simplify getting paid: Everyone wants to get paid faster. Flowlu makes it a reality by integrating with your project management module, as well as automating estimates and invoices. This intelligent system knows exactly where you are in terms of project completion and what service, product, or hours to bill for. It`s designed to handle multiple accounts, making it ideal for businesses with more than one product line. Flowlu also offers online payment and can automate recurring invoices. Financial reporting: You can view and print revenue reports, expense reports, and cash flow forecasting using graphs, charts, and data sets. The Kanban view of your projects and pipelines will also help you see where you can optimize your labor and expenses and potentially increase profits. Project Management Flowlu offers comprehensive project management. The integration with CRM ensures there`s no delay between closing a deal and your team getting to work on the deliverable. You eliminate the data entry involved with setting up a new project; Flowlu simply migrates customer data from sales to projects.

Workflows: If you have a repeatable process for your projects, you can set up project workflows. These workflows act as a template for your project stages, milestones, and tasks. You don`t waste time recreating a project from scratch with each new client, and you`ll never miss a step. You can set up multiple workflows.

Project tracking: Kanban boards let you see all your projects at a glance or drill down into each project or task. The Kanban-style is a lot more visual and intuitive than your traditional spreadsheets. The integration with CRM lets you stay up to date on staff performance. And the financial integration makes it easy to control cash flow and ensure resources don`t go to waste.

Mind maps: You can even track the conception stage of your projects using the mind maps tool. You get a way of visualizing and sharing your ideas vs. leaving them scribbled across napkins or locked inside your head. And you can share the link with teammates and turn your vision into a reality. Collaboration Tools The company feed that mirrors Facebook with the opportunity to post status updates, like, and comment. There`s also an instant messaging feature. It also operates a lot like Facebook--but better, as you can incorporate relevant documents. Chats can be separated by project. There`s also a workspace app that lets departments and teams coordinate all their work and information under a single digital roof.

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