What is Follow Up Boss?

Follow Up Boss is a convenient online system for real estate agencies, the main function of which is to help the agency quickly and efficiently provide the client with services for the sale or rental of real estate. Follow Up Boss is perfect for high-performing agents and growing teams. This CRM can be used anywhere on the Internet.

Today, real estate companies are a rather complex structure, covering even minor nuances. In other words, CRM for a real estate agency is able to register not only the customer base, but also objects, and also has the necessary functionality and user-friendly interface. Follow Up Boss stores in a single database all real estate, meetings, transactions, calls and messages, offers for sale, purchase and lease in relation to each client and stores all data on the cloud server. 

This CRM impresses with its lightness and functionality. Key features of the platform include two-way texting, batch emailing, call recording, email open and click tracking, appointment management, lead source reporting, and more among others. It also enables administrators to automate drip engagement emails and call logging processes.

Follow Up Boss for Real Estate will help you:

  • store, collect and present information about objects, dividing them into groups on specific grounds;
  • ensure the collection, storage and dissemination of information to customers - needs, finances and features;
  • integrate with other services, such as submitting ads on the World Wide Web. The rule of "one window" will reduce the amount of routine work;
  • divide roles between specialists and management. Each of them must have the right to access information, but have different capabilities;
  • monitor transactions, starting with the first call and ending with the conclusion of the deal;
  • provide prompt input and adjustment;
  • facilitate the rapid processing of orders.

The system allows you to have a large database that can store and process information about a huge number of customers and offer everyone exactly what he wants. This customer service scheme will help make the process from the customer's first call to a successful transaction much more efficient.

Follow Up Boss Features:

  • Calendar Management. Add tasks, set calendar appointments and set reminders. So you never forget about important things.
  • Client/Property Matching. Convenient automation of the system brings together property owners and clients who are interested in the object based on their preferences.
  • Contact Management. This module allows you to maintain a single database, create quick deals, and a sales funnel constructor will increase your profit and make control. This will greatly speed up the work of managers.
  • Email Marketing. For mailing, you can create your own letter templates, groups of subscribers, and a mailing scheduler. You can connect any number of mail accounts divided by departments; any number of mailboxes can be connected to each department. All correspondence with the client is stored here.
  • Lead Management. This is a tool that allows you to easily segment leads and personalize communication to increase conversions. Thus, high-quality leads are more likely to convert, and low-quality leads can be avoided.

Follow Up Boss enables agents to deliver an incredible customer experience, at the speed and volume that today’s real estate businesses require.

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