What is Fonzip?

Fonzip is a digital fundraising and CRM tool that allows non-profit organizations, associations, and foundations to manage their donor base and financial resources all in one place. The ability to process recurring donations, including international ones, is its mainstay. It also generates reports on income, registered users, donors, and recurring donor counts in real-time, providing real-time performance data. It can also be used by organizations to create and manage end-user platforms, as well as to manage ongoing relationships with donors and subscribers.

Key features include Stripe account syncing for processing payments from anywhere in the world, recurring payment management, automatic distribution of e-cards and thank you letters, the ability to generate advanced reports, and the ability to issue membership cards.

Fonzip provides organizations with pre-built donation pages and forms, event and ticketing services, fundraising campaigns, e-card distribution tools, and live customer support services.

The most advanced fundraising features and donor management systems are combined in a single platform. You can safely receive payments from anywhere in the world by connecting your own Stripe account to Fonzip. You can automatically send thank-you letters and e-cards to your donors, as well as generate advanced reports.