What is FreeAgent CRM?

FreeAgent CRM is a comprehensive platform and robust work management system that enables teams to keep everything in one place, collaborate more effectively to get more done, and track and improve performance.

Whether it's a deal, a project, or a support ticket, FreeAgent CRM keeps teams on track. It records and organizes team emails, phone calls, and meetings so that time-consuming tasks can be removed from to-do lists.

FreeAgent CRM is built for the modern workplace. Complete visibility into day-to-day activity, real-time collaboration, and powerful code-free customization enable remote teams to thrive. FreeAgent CRM enables leaders to optimize sales, marketing, customer success, and project management by eliminating time spent searching for information and reducing manual data entry.

FreeAgent CRM includes features for increased productivity and business growth.


Teams can increase their efficiency and impact by automating repetitive tasks. Configurable rules for prioritizing actions, automated alerts on overdue actions, meeting reminders, and configurable actions based on alerts are all time-saving features.


The solution includes sophisticated dashboards and dashlets to assist in tracking and monitoring key metrics throughout the organization.

Task and activity management

Users of FreeAgent CRM can create, assign, prioritize, complete, and track tasks of any type across the organization. Work can be organized and prioritized by teams in a fun, flexible, and rewarding manner. Contacts, tasks, tickets, comments, and attachments are all recorded on the platform. It also allows users to tag team members and assign tasks to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Full funnel visibility

FreeAgent CRM keeps all customer information in one place, providing the insight and context required to consistently address issues. Users can be confident that the team is providing a quality brand experience for every customer by using email templates, push notifications, and task reminders. Furthermore, FreeAgent CRM enables users to track post-sale interaction ratings, which aids in driving loyalty and ensuring customer satisfaction.