What is Fundly CRM?

Fundly is a CRM for fundraising that attends to the needs of charity organizations, non-profits, and other associations. A solid and quick fundraising platform is offered from this web-based application. 

The CRM allows fundraisers to record and track exchanges with their contacts and easily update prospects and customers' contact details or qualified calls. The centralization of this information offers an excellent organization of reminders, whether by email or telephone. 


Thanks to CRM, you can assign each donation to a specific person or project. You follow the evolution of offerings by donor or major donor as you go along. Assign this contributor an RFM index (Recency-Frequency-Amount) or a score to measure their commitment by weighting the values ​​of your choice (email opening rate, participation in events, etc.) in order to identify the categories of donors most more faithful, according to your own criteria.

Tracking & reporting

With a Fundly, donation tracking tasks are much more straightforward. You can save them according to their nature and assign them and group them by projects. This allows you to benefit from an overview of the collections thanks to graphic summaries, reports and statistics to adjust your actions afterward. You can consult the pledges and follow the evolution of your fundraising amount live.

Multichannel communication 

More generally, a CRM allows fundraisers to communicate personalized and on all channels. Communication in all its forms is vital in a world where people come first. CRM software for foundations and charities helps recruit, engage and retain donors thanks to the preferred levers in this sector: events, galas, thanks, gifts, etc. The email editing tools are particularly appreciated. Creating and sending a communication campaign easily is indeed essential for fundraisers. Marketing automation is also a pillar for automating birthday messages, for example, and scripting mailings based on openings, clicks or other criteria. It gives "a voice" to the organization! Fundraisers use all media to reach their donors (emailing, regular newsletters, SMS, direct mail, social networks, etc.), they provide them with information that is of interest to them. The CRM also allows them to analyze the impact of campaigns to measure their performance.


The CRM helps fundraisers organize their galas and events. Between ultra-precise targeting, sending invitations, resource planning, monitoring of registrants and participants. 

Management of member and subscriber 

In many associations, members are also an issue. They are a solid base in the organization's life, spokespersons and potential recruiters through their network. From the CRM, associations can also manage the relationship with their members and renew subscriptions while keeping track of interactions. Finally, the CRM makes it possible to control the subscriptions to periodical publications and the expiry dates to propose a renewal in due time. It is the top fundraising software due to its accessibility and simplicity. 

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