What is Funnel CRM?

Funnel CRM helps small businesses organize their tasks, track customers, and refine their sales cycle from a single, simple dashboard. It`s easy to integrate with your website to collect data on clients and prospects. Plus, the intelligent system removes much of your data entry woes. Emails and web forms are automatically converted to records, tasks, and deals. You can also attach documents and send proposals from Funnel`s CRM app, improving your speed to lead time. Unlimited contacts, deals, and forms round out this robust and affordable platform.

Ease of Use Funnel CRM is geared toward SMBs. It`s chock full of essential features without becoming bulky or complex. This lean system is intuitive and easy to learn, making it perfect for solo entrepreneurs and small teams who don`t have a lot of time or money. Funnel CRM Features: Contact Forms: Funnel CRM lets you build clean and clear contact forms to make your site look more professional. The form builder writes the code for you, which you paste where you want within your site. Any information received will automatically create and update contact records within the CRM.

You also have the option to code your own forms.

Email: Funnel CRM is intelligent enough to decipher which emails are opportunities and which stage of the deal they are in. Prospect details are captured automatically from your inbox to create customer profiles. With Gmail integration, your messages will be stored in your email and the CRM, no matter where you sent the message from. You can attach documents, create proposals, store notes, and see when a prospect opens your message. This same functionality is found within the CRM app, making Funnel CRM a great tool for on-the-go reps.

Contact Management: Funnel CRM makes it effortless to expand your database. You no longer have to manually enter or update customer details and interactions. And you don`t have to hire someone to fulfill data entry either. The CRM platform channels information from many sources, like notes, email, and webforms, into a single contact record. You can also dial, text, and email directly from the record. No need to switch between apps because Funnel combines them under one roof.

Proposals: You can send professional, branded proposals in just a few clicks, even from the app. The proposal features ensures you strike while the iron is hot, and can quickly bang out proposals while the information (and lead) is still hot. You can also set Funnel up to automatically calculate totals.

Tasks and Calendars: Updating your calendar can get tedious--especially across multiple apps and devices. Funnel CRM brings it all together by coordinating across several channels. It can even auto-suggest tasks based on your communications or where you are in the sales cycle. You don`t have to enter every task, appointment, or reminder with Funnel`s built-in task automation.