What is FunnelMaker?

FunnelMaker is a collaborative CRM and marketing solution that is cloud-based. FunnelMaker assists organizations in capturing and deploying communication and intelligence through a single login. For each user, Funnelmaker automatically posts 90% of important communication, such as clicks, calls, texts, read status, downloads, surveys, form submissions, and video views, emails, and website traffic. When prospects or clients reach your threshold levels of activity, your team will be notified immediately by Funnelmaker's alert system.

FunnelMaker eliminates (in most cases) the need for additional apps. FunnelMaker also offers several marketing support programs where their team can act and function like your team for clients who lack a team or talent.

The typical onboarding scenario gets most clients to fully functional execution within a month, but if you need an expedited onboarding experience, a premium process can onboard your account within a week.

Sales Management

FunnelMaker is constantly monitoring and scoring the activities of your contacts. You can launch an entire suite of communication capabilities when they click a link, download a brochure, visit your website or landing pages, click an ad, etc. You can also set up multiple shopping carts within one FunnelMaker subscription with unlimited grouping. From within our shopping cart tools, you can create one-time or recurring charges.

Marketing Automation

FunnelMaker, like most email marketing solutions, tracks and identifies all reads, clicks, and forwards. Furthermore, FunnelMaker automatically logs every one-on-one and/or broadcast email sent inside every contact record.

Operations & Communication

Using FunnelMaker's automated marketing workflow, send your voice or text message to your contacts. FunnelMaker also includes a landing page builder with smart forms that launch your marketing automation.