What is Gold-Vision CRM?

Gold-Vision CRM is a highly customizable CRM solution that will bring your sales and marketing teams together. You can integrate Gold-Vision with a number of your day-to-day essentials such as Outlook, Exchange, Gmail, LiveChat, Eventbrite, and social media networks. It is fully featured and covers all aspects that a modern business requires.

With Gold-Vision CRM, you have access to a variety of sales tools that give you insight into how your leads are performing. Capture data from website forms, live chats, or IP tracking tools automatically, define touch points to score leads, and get a real-time view of your pipeline. Furthermore, sales automation features such as reminder alerts, defined due dates, follow ups, and much more improve the sales process.

Use Gold-integrated Vision's email marketing features to combine website visitor data with email marketing and interactions, allowing you to accurately score leads and contacts. You can also use targeted marketing campaigns and multi-stage automation for lead nurturing or new customer campaigns, and use built-in reporting to quickly understand your ROI.

With Gold Vision's automated customer support features, you can reduce customer wait times and increase customer satisfaction. All historical support data, whether via phone or web chat, is logged, allowing you to track and search customer exchanges, including any linked support tickets.

With automated to-do lists, project reporting, due date alerting, appointment tracking, collaboration tools, and more, project management features keep projects organized and on track.