What is GoldMine CRM?

FrontRange Solutions owns GoldMine, which is headquartered in Milpitas, California. GoldMine has helped manage over 1 billion business-to-consumer relationships, with users in 45 countries. GoldMine is one of the most widely utilized mobile relationship management platforms for enterprises globally, with over 80 verticals.

GoldMine Premium Edition (GMPE) is a Windows-based customer relationship management (CRM) program developed by GoldMine to assist small-to-medium businesses in increasing sales, improving customer service, and reducing costs. Small-to-medium enterprises can use GoldMine Premium Edition to speed goal achievement, increase revenue, retain more clients, and increase employee productivity. Marketing and customer service processes are simple to complete and configure thanks to intuitive and easy-to-use dashboards.

GoldMine Premium Edition effortlessly integrates with Outlook, removing the need for users to switch back and forth. A campaign management function in the GMPE software helps users to target the correct clients for each campaign and better manage the company's leads. It also manages all service requests and uses Knowledge Base tools to assess and address the majority of customer care concerns. GoldMine Premium Edition owners will have a better grasp of their clients' thanks to efficient sales management and Constant Contact integration. As a result, consumer happiness and client retention are higher.

The database system in Goldmine Premium Edition is offered on multiple levels, each designed to meet an organization's size and usage. The Enterprise edition includes. NET-based solutions for sales, marketing, and customer service. You may track interactions with prospects immediately from your email without having to enter any data. Goldmine Premium Edition includes stand-alone sales automation, support desk, call center, and CTI applications. Businesses with more complex software needs can add marketing automation, customer service, web self-service, channel management, knowledge management, and analytics to the system.