What is GreenRope?

GreenRope delivers cloud-based software for sales, marketing and operational alignment of customer relation management and marketing automation on a single platform. GreenRope comprises powerful marketing and sales automation, and a toolkit of capabilities for your company`s management and operation. Use GreenRope to design the templates of your landing pages and email campaigns or make your own with easy to use tools.

Connect GreenRope to your social media reports, mobile marketing, event registration, e-commerce site, or analytics platform, so that you can simply take decisions based on a comprehensive picture of each prospect. GreenRope is expert in helping companies connect their systems and information and even offers credit to cover contract termination expenses when moving from a solution that is not integrated. A one-stop shop for smooth customer experiences is the drag and drop customer journey manufacturer at GreenRope.

Use the email builder to design mobile, professional emails, and then use your campaign optimizer to test them. You may build new pages and sign up forms and incorporate them into your CRM and customer journeys instantly. A/B testing makes it easy to track each campaign`s results. Finally you may see all the automation configuration on your account with an Automation Viewer.

GreenRope provides business owners with business control over their business, including important operational requirements such as signing documents, customer service, project management, learning management, event management, etc. Your customer service queries and other requests are handled through their ticketing function. Allow the tickets automatically, depending on the rules, to trigger automation, and to activate reminders to ensure nothing goes through the gaps.