What is GrowthZone?

To carry out their everyday activities, organizations used to juggle several marketing platforms, Excel spreadsheets, and billing software. Much of the operation was done by hand, and the methods were not always efficient. GrowthZone's AMS unifies all of these disparate tools into a single, user-friendly dashboard that handles everything while automating the most time-consuming processes.

Smarter GrowthZone includes a full AMS with built-in marketing automation and member prospecting to help you grow. Rather than volunteer-based organizations, it is designed for mid-to-large organizations. This CRM is ideal for trade and professional organizations, as well as chambers of commerce.

You do not need to maintain hardware or software because it is an online SaaS solution. Administrators have access to their data at any time through the Internet and browser-enabled devices. All corresponding data linked to members can be monitored and presented from here, ensuring that records are preserved properly and that the addition or migration of information is straightforward. 

The company claims to provide "World-class customer service," with no per-seat license costs, no commitments, and a cash-back guarantee. This company has over 2800 clients who use the solution, and many of them laud about their customer service. GrowthZone is membership management software that caters to the demands of organizations and associations with membership-based client communities on a day-to-day basis.

The ability to offer online application forms for enrolling new members, linking with existing sites and synchronizing with online directories, event calendars, and third-party vendors to prevent repeated data entry are among the GrowthZon’s main features.Custom reporting with dashboard-based insights, connected automated billing, and a variety of directory and network marketing choices are among the additional features. A full registration and attendee tracking module is included in the events module, while communications and groups offer call logging, email synchronization, and push alerts to a variety of GrowthZone mobile apps.

GrowthZone's membership software has the following key features:

  • Management of Contacts;
  • Billing and Credit Card Processing with Integrated Payments;
  • Event Management;
  • Info Hub/Member Center;
  • Mobile Staff App;
  • Sales Funnel;
  • Project Management;
  • Inquiry Tracking;
  • API Access;
  • Member Forum Productivity Module.

Members may maintain and edit their information, pay bills, and more with login-based access to events, your directory, job posts, and other tools, which all helps when it 's time to renew membership. Increase membership and retention, create money, interact and communicate with members and potential customers, and streamline day-to-day operations.

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