What is Hg Mercury CRM?

Hg Mercury CRM is powerful all-in-one CRM software. By facilitating patient access, raising patient engagement, optimizing patient utilization, retaining patients, and enhancing the quality of patient treatment, the platform aids healthcare providers in exploring market prospects. With over 30 years of expertise and over 2,000 healthcare clients, the vendor has produced over 500 predictive models using the largest data collection in the healthcare sector and has helped hundreds of medical institutions increase patient engagement.

Key features of Hg Mercury CRM are:

  • Management: It increases physician involvement in healthcare facilities for enhanced patient loyalty, high-value service, in-line growth, and optimal network use for growth. The PRM gives physicians the ability to refer patients to the providers who are most prepared to treat their medical concerns. Maintain strong customer connections with both current and prospective patients. Intelligent engagement, omnichannel tracking, comprehensive data intake, platform connectors, a diverse support staff, local market and service line analytics, and more are available.
  • Engagement Center: Provides tailored, in-depth caller profiles for acquiring valuable information into patients and consumers. It also centralizes patient data and previous enquiries using contact center services such as class and event registrations, physician referrals, marketing inquiries, and appointment requests – all from an one dashboard.
  • Healthcare Website: It provides a specific universal health care content management system (CMS) that assists marketing teams in creating hospital or practice websites, microsites, landing pages, responsive mobile sites, and other content. Any team member can use its simple authoring and editing platform.
  • Healthcare Data Management: Aids in patient retention and acquisition by providing data curation, a platform console, and an enterprise data connectivity. Interoperable, collaborates with MarTech to provide centralized product security and licensing responsibilities.

By adjusting tactics and providing tracking for real-time campaign effectiveness and ROI, it aids in healthcare marketing. Through an intuitive interface, it offers MarTech strong data intake, connectors, support for interdisciplinary teams, full-service program execution, patient management, and more.

Campaign management workflow technologies targeted to the industry provide quick time to value by flexibly integrating with marketing execution and automation investments. Associating tactics and assets, capturing budget information, developing webforms, and controlling events are all capabilities.

Create and manage multi-channel campaigns to engage customers and patients in an efficient manner. Particularly in the healthcare industry, consumer expectations are always changing. Customers need seamless interactions, as well as transparent, inexpensive, and personalized healthcare, all of which have an effect on the decisions they make. Intelligent engagement across the healthcare journey depends on connected, individualized consumer and patient experiences. Hg Mercury CRM will help you with it. By assisting with patient acquisition, retention, and conversions, Healthgrades' Hg Mercury CRM enables intelligent, predictive patient interaction and removes uncertainty for healthcare institutions.

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