What is Hire Aiva?

Hire Aiva is a cloud-based fully featured real estate lead conversion platform. The software enables real estate agents to convert their leads into deals and eventually clients. Its prime features include real-time lead syncing, automated notifications, conversion reports, and more. 

First, in our Hire Aiva overview, we will look at the benefits of using it:

  • Aiva helps you convert more leads into appointments and eventually clients using industry-leading best practices 
  • It takes the stress out of following up with leads for you, your agents, and your ISAs for up to 1 year and gets a hold of online leads
  • Hire Aiva allows you to spend more time with clients and focus on your showings, listings, and open houses for your clients

With over 200 real estate lead sources supported out of the box, you can automatically copy your custom email address on your incoming lead notifications, easily turn on and off lead sources at any time, because setup takes just minutes, and customize scripts based on lead source and lead type. The software also supports real estate buyers, renters, sellers, and IDX leads.

Another helpful feature in the Hire Aiva overview is instant notifications that let you customize which notifications you want to receive across your devices, get notified in real-time once a lead is qualified by email, text, and push notification, and act immediately on hot leads after they come in to maximize lead conversion. Plus, integration with Zapier enables you to further customize  the platform to match your workflow.

What`s more, Hire Aiva can double your contact rates by following up with your potential clients consistently for 1 year by making 20 touchpoints across various times of day when leads are more likely to respond. The smart follow-up feature instantly matches leads with one of its human concierges for immediate qualification. The software can follow up with your leads through text messages, emails, calls, and voicemails. And as we have previously mentioned in our Hire Aiva overview you can customize message copy, frequency, and schedule to match your style and market.

The platform`s conversion reports help you analyze your performance and how well each of your lead sources is working. In this way, you can measure how many leads Hire Aiva can contact and engage for you, track your lead qualification rates by lead source to see which sources are working, and filter by date range, lead source, and lead type to see how they impact on your conversion numbers. Additionally, you can visualize your lead funnel at any time to figure out bottlenecks.

And last, but not least in our Hire Aiva overview is the real-time synchronization for all activities including text messages, emails, and voicemail. It supports tagging or marking qualified leads as HOT for some systems as well as automatically logs full conversation transcripts as soon as leads are qualified. Moreover, the software syncs all activity into your CRM to help you and your team stay organized.

Hire Aiva can be integrated with Active Campaign, Zillow, Lion Desk, Chime, and others. It also offers its mobile app to access and search all your leads and conversations and receive hot lead alerts in real-time or on the go.

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