What is HoneyBook?

It is all in one management platform. It is a convenient and intuitive tool for optimizing work with customers, leads, tasks, agreements, composition, price list, implementation of finance and documents. If you are a small or medium business owner, HoneyBook is exactly what you need. You will have your own personal command center and keep track of all your projects in real time. Manage each stage, from inquiry to payment—and everything in between. It is a ready-made product for automating and accelerating the full sales cycle: from potential customers to repeat orders. In addition, there are changes to the management of marketing, service and business processes.

Core Features: 

  • Invoices. This tool allows you to automatically issue invoices based on payment gateway data, set tax rates, and send invoices to the customer's address.
  • Proposals. A commercial offer is an element of CRM with information about the company, goods and services, as well as a proposal for cooperation. This is the next stage of working with the client after creating the agreement. A commercial offer in the form of a document can be created from the item card.
  • Scheduling. Tailor details, availability, and reminders to your business. Syncing between mobile and desktop means no more missed meetings.
  • Contact form and lead management. Create a contact form for the site and the contact details of potential customers will be automatically added to the HoneyBook customer base. Lead management is the promotion of leads in the funnel of sales, so that as many applications as possible are converted into agreements. This software collects and stores contact information about potential customers and helps turn them into customers. CRM organizes information about leads, their interests, keeps conversations with sales managers, reminds about tasks.
  • Branded brochures. Corporate style - a set of color, graphic, verbal and other permanent elements that provide visual and semantic unity of goods or services and all the information coming from the company.
  • Bookkeeping. With the configuration of accounting software, you can maintain databases of customers, products, orders, and agreements with suppliers. All transactions and settlements are connected with the accounting module. Therefore, the date, amount and details of the transaction will be automatically recorded in the client card. When you apply again, you can prepare the necessary documents in one click.
  • Quickbooks integration. One of the main benefits of CRM software is the ability to get every aspect of your business working in sync. QuickBooks is an accounting software platform geared towards small and medium-sized businesses, offering millions of businesses a simple way to manage their daily sales and expenses, invoice their customers, accept payments, pay their bills, and generate reports for planning and tax filing.
  • Automatic payment reminder. This allows you to speed up work with customers and improve its quality with templates, robots and reminders. You can set an automatic reminder to the customer to pay for a service or product at the required time. The system will automatically display a reminder in the Live Feed and the client will receive a message.
  •  Client portal. Besides giving clients access to useful information, the portal may serve as a customer community. Additionally, having a CRM customer portal allows you to give clients access to certain modules associated with CRM records (e.g., Account, Contact, Notes, etc.). It meanys that clients will be able to edit their personal info on the portal, thus helping sales reps and customer service agents to keep the info in CRM valid and up-to-date.

This CRM doesn’t only help your clients help themselves but adds to your customer service efficiency and speed as well. HoneyBook will provide the necessary level of control over the work of staff and automate the collection and distribution of applications from potential customers among employees.

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